Use Data Analysis to Win Your Fantasy Sports Leagues with SportAI

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What is SportAI?

SportAI is changing how people play fantasy sports by putting the power of AI in your pocket. The SportAI team members are data scientists by day and sports fanatics by night whose passion is to find the intersection between these two worlds. We love playing fantasy, running leagues, and crunching numbers.

Anyone can do the first two, but sports data analysis can be confusing and difficult to access. Whether it’s football or basketball, that’s where SportAI comes in. Our app gives you a Score+ metric for each player in your lineup, a number 0-100, calculated by our AI. The higher the number, the better they will perform according to SportAI’s machine learning algorithms. Test your lineup’s Score+, adjust, and win. It’s that simple.

The app's lineups page with three saved lineups.

How does SportAI help you?

In the world of fantasy sports and betting, intuition can only get you so far. Data science is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

For the first time, everyday sports fans get access to pro-level data analysis tools through SportAI. SportAI taps into over 400,000 data points in order to train our neural network to make the best informed, number driven decisions. We make our machine learning algorithms accessible through your phone.

As we onboard users, more data analysis features are being added so you can quickly learn how to interpret the numbers. We’re giving the power of data to you, the players.

The app's results page with NBA player's Score+'s.

How can you get access?

SportAI gives you the data analysis and machine learning tools you need to make well-informed and number driven decisions. Compare the Score+ of your fantasy lineups in SportAI and go into your matchups with the confidence that you have a cutting edge AI validating your decisions.

Ready to join our fantasy sports revolution and have the power of AI backing you up?

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