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SportAI’s mission is to help optimize your fantasy lineups, and help anyone understand and win fantasy sport on any of the major gaming platforms with the click of a button. 

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With SportAI, you can set the optimal lineup, compare players + teams, get easy-to-understand metrics, and view live stats on all your favorite fantasy athletes, all on one platform.

Advanced Features


Find your best line up! Input your player(s) (up to 5), select your fantasy sport and league type with our seamless player search. Create opponent lineups and optimize with a click of a button!

Your lineup is one click away from being perfect; find out!

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Results: Fast

We optimize your lineups for you, leaving you free to explore your  players metrics, see graphs, visuals, and trends. 

We give the power of Artificial Intelligence to you, in the form of easy-to-understand metrics.

Player Profiles

Don't Miss a Beat

We combine player profiles and bring them to the next level.


See real-world stats, toggle time spans, and see a live visualization of their performance across the entire season. 


Want to see it for yourself

Our player database contains over 2,000 players across the NFL and NBA.

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Our platform

How does it work?

Using SportAI’s revolutionary brain, the Machine Learning Database Processor (MLDP).

Simply input sign in to the app, enter your lineups on our player comparison page, then press calculate!

With the power of machine learning, it calculates and processes data into all our app’s features.

More importantly, it is constantly learning and updating its own algorithms.

SportAI never stops improving.

The User Experience is paramount here. It takes only 10 seconds to get my fantasy sports lineups optimized, but gives me enough data to feel confident in SportAI's line up recommendations.

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